is a leading provider of e-commerce integration services. We design, develop, integrate and implement high quality, flexible information technology applications and eBusiness strategies for large enterprises.

We utilize proven proprietary technologies from companies like Oracle, IBM and Sun, cutting edge enterprise technology from Microsoft and reliable open source solutions customized from GNU, Linux and Java communities. By using standard third party components, East European offshore development centers and extremely experienced local architects we are able to provide Fortune 500 companies with leading edge open and maintainable enterprise e-commerce systems with a fraction of the cost.

We have performed professional services for over 20 clients, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, S & P, Alliance Capital and several other financial, spot market and wireless communication companies.

Our main product is Portfolix, which is a portfolio management application for money managers that uses a patent pending technology based on OLAP.

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Byte - a group of eight binary digits processed as a unit by a computer and used especially to represent an alphanumeric character.
Logics - (Greek logos > reason) a particular mode of reasoning viewed as valid.
Bytelogics - a provider enterprise computing solutions in the greater New York and San Fransisco Bay area